What clients say about Larry.

Here's what people are saying about Larry Goldsmith.


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 - Larry Goldsmith is a wonderful presenter and  

   person. He taught me to focus on my  

   competencies, not job titles.


 - Mr. Goldsmith discussed many great topics 

   such  as Statistics, SWOT,  Vision, Mission,       

   Strategic, and Tactical. 


 - Thank you Mr. Goldsmith for such a professional presentation. Critical 

          thinking 90 %, Defining outcome 10%. 


 - The speaker was well prepared and experienced while providing us a 

    “Process” to guide us through the job search. 


 - Larry was outstanding in his presentation” 1.Excellent focus on pre- 

    search keys 2. Defining your personality and matching it with a job    

   3. Resume tweaking.


 - Larry gave us real tips on how to approach the job search, and how to    improve our resume for today’s job market. 


 - This message was timely and informative. Larry Goldsmith is an    

   effective speaker. 


- I learned to focus my job search using the functions I perform, not  

  job titles I want.


- Larry encouraged us to define our preferred outcome by identifying      those  employment factors that are important to our character, values,  

 ambitions, and lifestyles.


 - Larry emphasized to have a plan that is thought out in detail before    executing that plan.


 - Larry definitely brings passion to his work, and you can tell he has

   really done a lot of research on the material he presented.


 - I learned how career development, strategic planning, and resume 

   options lead to a successful job search.


 - Larry was fantastic. I never thought of a resume layout “symmetry”

   being important.  


 - Larry told us to ask vital questions, define the perfect outcome, how      to begin the job search, agenda, time lines, and management. His 

   presentation was brilliant. 


 - Larry gave us great instructions on resume writing, and logical

   thinking of matching resume against the job description.


 - Larry gave u.s a new approach to the job search making it more   

   analytical using critical thinking. 


 - Larry taught me to match my future job against my personality, life

   style,  growth opportunity, and quality of life.


 - Please continue with more Larry Goldsmith workshops. He is amazing.


 - Larry taught us to apply a systematic, stepped approach (like a road 

   map) to our job search.


 - Larry taught me to rethink all that I have thought about regarding the

   job search.​


          Looking for a speaker for your program. Call Larry.

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