People are not retiring the way that their parents did.  People retiring today need money, want a purpose and to make a contribution. How can we help you?

Career and Life Planning is that part of Career Development involving the exploration and discovery that leads to making informed decisions in choosing a career and life direction.  Global opportunities, workforce reductions, just in time jobs, career shifts, contingent or contract employment, part-time and multiple jobs, self-employment and entrepreneurial dreams cause a myriad of threats and barriers to success.  Doing career planning not only is the best road map to finding a dream occupation, it also defines a pathway that will identify promising careers that you may not have considered.


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Need Help Redefining Your Skills


Learn a process for selecting an occupation with fulfillment and promise.  Remove the uncertainties.  Recognize how your interests, abilities, values, behavior traits and lifestyle lead to informed career decisions and choices.   Complete career assessment instruments for the purpose of making strategic career choices.  Becoming familiar with your barriers, issues and challenges that may prevent you from making inform career choices.  [Via Skype - Google Hangouts - In Person]


Personal Empowerment through Type [P.E.T.] For the College Student in the Family


This Assessment Instrument prepares your child to take on the rigors of college.  The program is designed to bolster your child’s skills essential for success in college.  Help your child prepare for college to improve their academic performance. Accelerate their understanding of what college will be like academically.

P.E.T. is the acronym for Personal Empowerment through Type.  P.E.T. is an easy to use Web-based teaching and learning style assessment and management tool based on the work of Carl Jung and the research of Dr. Patricia Cranston and Dr. Robert Knoop.   The instrument is widely used by colleges throughout the United States.

P.E.T. correlates personality preferences with learning styles, teaching styles, conflict resolution, leadership, management, problem solving, stress and teamwork. The value of partaking in this assessment instrument is that participants learn to recognize their individual learning style and gain real strategies for succeeding in today's world.

The P.E.T. [Personal Empowerment through Type] instrument provides interpretation on the following items: Learning Styles / Communication / Work Preferences / Stress Problem Solving / Decision Making / Teamwork / Conflict Resolution.

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